Mojanda Lakes

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The Mojanda lakes area has three lakes:

  • The great lake that has a perimeter of 7.7 km and a surface of 271 hectares.
  • The black lake that has a perimeter of 1.37 km and a surface of 11.4 hectares.
  • The small lake that has a perimeter of 0.37 km and a surface of 1.07 hectares.

This complex of 3 lakes is located 16 km (40 minutes) from Otavalo, at 3720 m.a.s.l. and with a temperature of 8°C.

These lakes are found surrounded by elevated mountains like Fuya Fuya that is a favorable place for acclimation, because of this many climbers visit before ascending higher mountains.  The vegetation is represented by Calamagrostis sp., Stipa ichu and yagual forests.

This area's climate is cold and the landscape conditions change with the passing hours, because of this, it is reccommended that you visit in the morning hours, for in the afternoon, clouds obscure the view.

Arriving at the great lake you will find small food stands with typical food from the region.

How to get there

In your own vehicle

At the exit south of Otavalo, you can take a hike that brings you to the La Joya neighborhood and on the left to the Mojandita community. The walk is paved in stone until you arrive at the first lake, the great lake, because of this access is easy for any type of vehicle.

Public transportation

No public transportation service to the lakes exists, so you should contract a taxi or truck that will bring you to the great lake and also you should agree on a price for the taxi to wait for your return trip. Trip Cost: $15.00 to the lake and $15.00 to return.


Additional Info

  • Average temperature:


  • Elevation:

    3.720 m.a.s.l.

  • ¿What should I bring?:
    • Warm clothing
    • Sunglasses
    • Camera
    • Comfortable shoes
    • Hat
    • Gloves
  • Activities:
    • Hikes
    • Sports fishing
    • Picnic
    • Camping
    • Photography
  • Advice and precautions:

    Around the great lake is a favorable place for camping, but at night the temperature lowers considerably, so you should take care that you are camping with adequate equipment.

    Likewise, you can take hikes and if you want climb Fuya Fuya, specialized guides are reccommended because the temperature changes and clouds can make a bad time of it.

    To arrive at the black lake and the small lake there are neighboring ways of a third order that go around the great lake.  It is necessary to use a 4x4 vehicle, especially in the winter periods when it is practically impossible for normal vehicles to enter.