Aquatic Park

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This is found located in the Araque community, a few minutes from the Sal Pablo community in the parish of  Gonzáles Suárez only 10.7 km (10 minutes) south of the city of Otavalo. It is located at an altitude of  2660 m.a.s.l. with an average temperature of 12°C.

The park is reccommended for family activities, couples or friends, here you can take a boat, kayak trips, horseback riding, children's games and also enjoy typical dishes of the area in a restaurant such as corn with cheese and fritada, fried tilapia, yahuarlocro, sancochos and various delicacies always prepared with hygiene and quality.

When you arrive at Otavalo there is no excuse for not visiting the Aquatic park of Araque.

How to get there

In your own vehicle

If you are coming from Quito: take the right entrance of  Gonzáles Suárez and pass the San Pablo and  Araque communitites. This is the fastest way to arrive at the Araque Aquatic park.

If you are coming from Otavalo or Ibarra: take the left entrance of  Eugenio Espejo, here you come to an antique pier and continue along this way passing various communities such as Camuendo, Compañía and finally Araque.

Public transportation

If you are coming from Quito: get off at the Gonzáles Suárez bus stop and take a taxi to arrive at the destination indicated.

From Otavalo: There are cooperative such as Otavalo, Los Lagos and Imbaburapac that will take you to the communities of  San Pablo, Araque or Trojaloma from where you can get to the lake. Trip cost:  35 cents.

Additional Info

  • Average temperature:


  • Elevation:

    2.660 m.a.s.l.

  • ¿What should I bring?:
    • comfortable shoes
    • warm clothing for winter season
    • mosquito repellent
    • sunglasses
    • camera
  • Activities:
    • Boat trips
    • Kayak trips
    • Aquatic bubbles
    • Horseback riding
    • Photography
    • Adventure tourism
    • Family trips
    • Typical cuisine
  • Advice and precautions:

    Place your trash in the receptacles provided.

    If you bring your own boat, you should be aware of the air currents that they don't pull you out too far.