Chukitos Hostel

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  1. CHUKITOS: born from the pre-Kichwa language CHUKITUS, with the interference of Spanish has been transformed to CHUKITOS, but the core of the meaning identifies to the AYA or spirit of the mountains transformed into a giant Andean animal who born from the Ukupacha (time-space below) characterized by the brown color, accompanies the family and its visitors.
  1. We are an alternative and sustainable tourism business, a family initiative born in the community of Peguche Otavalo.
  1. By staying at Chukitos you are helping a family work, the alternative organic production of the Peguche and Intag communities,
  1. The soap you use is made by women artisans from the Intag area (aloe Vera, blood of drago, papaya and lemon grass); They arehypo allergenic, antiseptic, appropriate for the body and facial use of any skin type.  Learn more at: www.
  1. The breakfast that we serve is with the best high altitude coffee, produced under the shade in symbiosis with the Intag subtropical ecosystem "coffee resistance". The juices are fresh made out of organic fruits, harvested in the Chukitos garden (we request the you indicate if you want juice with or without sugar); Please keep in mind the bread is made fresh daily

Additional Info

  • Additional servicies:
    1. Laundry
    2. Breakfast and tthe best coffee
    3. Tourist information
    4. Gallery
  • Prices: Simple rooms from 13 USD
    Double rooms from 25 USD
    Triple rooms from 33 USD
    Rooms for four people from 44 USD
  • Address: Bolívar St. 10-33 and Morales St.
  • Telephone: 0989959325 / 062 924959
  • Web site:
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Type of location: urban zone