Mashy's Hostel

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Mashy’s comes from the quichwa - otavaleño language that means "friends", that's why in Otavalo they believe this place is for socializing and creating new friendships.

Mashy’s Hostal is the meeting place of friends, where you can share experiences with visitors that arrive at our city, in a pleasant and familiar atmosphere surrounded by traditions and customs that our otavaleño culture offers.

We know when you arrive at this city of different habits, full of different activities it can be complicated, because of this we offer various services that you might need that will make your stay more pleasant and unforgettable. Simply trust in us, we are your friends.

Additional Info

  • Address:

    Neptalí Ordóñez 177 y Roca (corner) a few steps from the ground terminal.

  • Telephone:

    593 62 921 480 / 593 993 846 457

  • Web site:

  • Type of location: urban zone