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We are a kichwa Otavalan family dedicated to the presentation of tourist services at a familiar and community level, conserving and increasing the value of ancestral customs of our culture. “Kawsaymi” is a kichwa word that means (Our daily life).We offer a wide range of services such as : Andean cooking classes, restaurant, family style meals, cultural expositions, gastronomy tours, medicinal plant expositions, hand embroidery, music, dance, and volunteerism, under the concept of recreational tourism, responsible, social with quality in answer to the expectations of our visitors, who look for current alternatives in getting to know Otavalo-Ecuador.

Additional Info

  • Our services:
    • Typical cooking classes
    • restaurant
    • dance workshops
    • Andean Otavalan music
    • hand embroidery exposition
  • Address:

    San José de Quichinche Parrish,  Kichwa Panecillo community, Vía Andaviejo.

  • Telephone:

    +593 987684914

  • Web site:

  • Email:

    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.