Inka Wasi

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"Inka Wasi" (Tahuantinsuyo): in historical south America there was a great Tahuantinsuyo empire that was inhabited by the Incan culture; spread throughout is the ancestral knowledge of the Quichua language, architecture, agriculture, talking knots (quipus), fabrics and music.

Houses of Andean wisdom

Our strong ancestral race has existed for many thousands of years.  We still sow a grain of sand in the world with our values and spirit encouraging handicrafts and music, all the folklore of the Otavaleño culture giving thanks to our Father Sun (Inti Yaya) and Mother Earth (Pacha Mama).  Not only does the Otavaleño culture survive but the children feel proud to learn and cultivate the teachings and works.  This is spread to generation upon generation in the world.

Additional Info

  • Our services:
    • Demonstration and creation of ancestral weavings on a back loom(kallua) made by hand.
    • Demonstration and creation of Andean musical instruments complete with a live musical group.
    • Visits to the workshops that offer Inka Wasi in the Agato community "Tahuantinsuyo" of Miguel Anrango, Cotama community and the Cardón Bajo community.
    • We also have native guides.
    • We offer our services Sunday to Sunday.
  • Address:

    Salinas Street between Modesto Jaramillo and 31 de Octubre, diagonal from the Plaza de los Ponchos

  • Telephone:

    0994 692 721 for Kevin Burga / 0988 998 974 for Patricio Quispe / 0980 522 698 Dennis Quispe

  • Email:

    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.