Rock climbing

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Wantun Rumi is a rocky formation of volcanic origin of approximately 15 meters in height and can be found 7.69 kms from Otavalo, in the community of Quinchuquí.

It is an ideal place to picnic, hike, practice photography, rock climbing, and camping.

The recommended route that will take you there is by the community of Peguche where you can visit famous workshops of handicrafts and Andean instruments.

Additional Info

  • ¿What should I bring?:
    • comfortable shoes
    • warm clothing for the winter season
    • mosquito repellent
    • sunglasses
    • camera
    • water or other hydrating beverage
  • Advice and precautions:

    To participate in climbing it is reccommended that you contract a professional guide to avoid problems.

    Keep all trash stored until you return home in order to maintain a clean place.